Ducati Panigale V4/V4S/V4R Street Tail Sliders

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Strauss Street Tail Sliders are designed to fit perfectly onto the most pronounced corners and likely areas to get hit in the event of a crash or drop. They are made out of superlight and superstrong 100% carbon. Our production process method make our parts thin and strong at the same time. Sliders are finished in a high gloss UV protected lacquer offering excellent UV resistance.

The edges are smooth to help prevent any marks to your precious paintwork which many other brands overlook.

Application takes only minutes and they could save you having to replace your tank which can get dented or scratched in the event of a crash. For the installation we advise to use neutral silicone gel (included in the package).

The set includes 2 sliders for seat unit (left and right side).

Also available are Strauss Street Tank Sliders; featuring the same construction and attachment method as the Tail Sliders and are designed to protect your fuel tank.

To provide ultimate protection for your bike we recommend our Elite Racing version of Strauss Sliders!